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Hey, Party People!

How are all of you fine, good-looking individuals doing?? Did you have a great week? No? Then have a three-day weekend! On me-because I’m such a great guy, ya know?

First off let me address the few people who got in touch with me to make sure I didn’t waste my Valentine’s Day wallowing in a mess of my own self misery: no.

Rest assured that I haven’t succumbed to depression or neurosis and I thoroughly enjoyed Valentine’s Day. Thanks for caring!

In other news, I’ve recently started singing to myself in public.

It’s completely unintentional, but this habit of quietly vocalizing to myself has started drawing the attention of people around me. I can’t tell when it happens because when it does I’m off pondering something in my brain and I’m otherwise oblivious to what the rest of my body is doing.

Come to think of it, my mind does drift off quite often. I guess it just gets bored with reality and goes off to  do something else leaving the rest of me in autopilot.

I wonder if I talk in my sleep, too. I should record myself tonight and see if I don’t start speaking in tongues or something.