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Good day, party people! As you may have guessed I had quite the rough morning today, however things appear to be on an upward curve so I will not have to spend the afternoon in the local emergency department (knock on wood).

Despite my penchant for intoxication, I am thankful that I turn into a very nice person when I’m tipsy. That’s not to say that I’m a complete misanthrope when I’m sober, but I’m usually very selective and cautious when it comes to making friends much less acquaintances.

I’ve known other types of personalities in the form of my friends when the alcoholic beverages begin to flow. There are the angry drinkers who repress so much angst and stress during the day that their valve blows and let it all out in an excessive diatribe woven together with very creative swearing.

Then there are the quiet drinkers. These guys are a little creepy as they will withdraw from social interaction and do not engage in conversation whatsoever. I knew a quiet drunk and frankly he just turned into a statue when he drank. I’m sure they’re fine, they’re just maintaining, but you try having fun with a statue when you’re between your fourth and fifth shot.

Few and far in between are the cool drinkers who simply become more chill with a few drinks. They’re not aloof and far more chattier than the quiet drinker, but they’re not loud or obnoxious. You want to hang out with these guys when you want to wind things down but still enjoy another drink or three.

The happy drinkers. I guess I would fall into this category as I’m sure many, many others do as well. As I’ve been told, I become amiable and nice albeit a little chatty when I drink and I haven’t made so much of an ass of myself that it has ever cost me friends (either that or they’re all really, really understanding), but I do try to put forth some effort to be civil and respectful.

In any case we are who we are, right? I’m only grateful that I have the kind of friends who will tolerate me if I start in on some bullshit (but will still let me drink).