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Greetings my beautiful fans! You know, I am so fortunate to have been blessed with the best readers in the entire world. Thank you, each and every one of you, for choosing to spend your time here with me and my thoughts. I know there are a million things you could be doing at this very moment and the fact that you’re sitting there reading this is really life-affirming.

And isn’t that what we all want? Some approval that our existence has been worthwhile all this time? Someone to tell you what an awesome job you’re doing at being you and to shoo away all the self-doubt and everyone else’s judgy opinions?

I’ll admit that even I needed a bit of help in the existential department.

I’ve made more than my share of bad decisions in life and while none have ever come back to haunt me I used to think back and wonder what kind of person I was to have been able to reach those decisions. I used to think back and agonize over it.

It got rough for a brief patch. Every week my conscious would tear my ego to pieces and every week I’d be an emotionally exhausted pink pulp but I eventually learned to see through my own insecurities and bullshit. I was able to free myself from the past and learn from it so that I can make the me of tomorrow even better… and I think I’m doing really well at it.

I’ve since adopted a clearer, better perspective on things and my ego constantly threatens to devour the sun.

OK. I may not be 100% well adjusted (who is?), but I’m happy with me!