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For as much stress as driving can create for most people, I find that driving can be a therapeutic exercise you can try (assuming you can drive in the first place).

You don’t have to be going anywhere in particular, in fact, I would recommend that you not have any destination in mind. Without a destination to worry about reaching you will be able to remain calm and cool during the experience. No, this isn’t about going anywhere, this is about slowly sifting through your thoughts and reflecting meditatively on things you either may not have had time to think about or have avoided thinking about.

Maybe it’s the sensation of being in motion, the feeling of being disconnected, or being in a different environment which helps bring about a new perspective, whatever the case, you’ll be able to sort things out in a headspace clear of judgment, criticism, and pressure.

You may actually make a wise decision or improve your mood through a moment of mental catharsis.