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Hey Party People!

Welcome to the middle of the work week!! Yes, my friends, we have collectively bit, scratched, clawed, and possibly bled to get this far but we are finally at the top of the hill and what lies before us is the downhill free-fall that ends at the blissful moment that occurs every Friday afternoon when you step outside of your own personal hell and take your first breath of freedom in five days.

Stay strong, people, the sweet taste of relief is on the horizon! We need only put forth all our effort into surviving the next two and a half days and we’ll be home free!

In the meantime, here are some survival tips that should help you nimbly avoid the land mines and sprint through the foxholes of the remainder of your work week:

Maintain a positive attitude
If you give yourself or other people misery you’re only making your work day feel like a massive chore and the rest of your day will feel like forever.

Be proactive
By keeping yourself on task and productive will help you feel accomplished, possibly for the first time this week, and you can ride that wave until quittin’ time.

Go somewhere for lunch
A change of scenery will help by giving you some separation from that which brings you dread and you can use the hour to destress before going headlong into your afternoon.

Drink plenty of water
It’s always important to stay hydrated.

Help people
This goes with the whole happy-positive attitude. Helping others out will reward you with a nice warm, fuzzy feeling.

Look on the bright side
Even if nothing else goes right today or for the rest of the week, it’s completely on you to maintain your attitude and to try to look for the best of things in the current situation. If you can’t find happy then make happy!

Don’t stress over being late
If you’re late then you’re late. Accept it, deal with it and don’t let it get you bent out of shape! It’s more important to be prepared, in a good mood and late than frazzled, mad and not-so-late.

I hope these tips helps out at least one of you out there. Remember, life is too short to be miserable even for a minute and each and every one of us only gets one shot at making the most of our flicker of existence on this big, blue marble. It all comes down to how you choose to live, because really, if you want to be happy then choose to be happy!