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I was drawn outside by the blue skies and the bright, beaming sunshine I saw from the window. The promise of a warm bath of sunlight seemed at hand, but alas! The moment I set foot beyond the walls of climate-controlled comfort my face was slapped by a cold wind and I choked with lungs full of frigid air.

When I came to I was inches away from the front door.

A ridge of white frost had formed across my brow and my vision was hazy as I mustered my strength and rose up onto my elbows. Slowly I clawed and pulled myself back inside off of the freezing pavement and through the heavy metal door which quickly snapped back and shut itself across my left leg. Fortunately the cold numbed all sensation in my lower extremities so I felt no discomfort as I detached the limb at the hip with my plastic spork.

I began losing consciousness again but I remember being dragged, the ding of the elevator being summoned, darkness…