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Halloween is coming up!

You know what that means: time to decorate with fake spider webs, get the kids’ costumes ready and buy bags of candy to appease the impending flood of neighborhood kids that will descend upon your doorway in search of sugary goodness and if you don’t give them the good stuff they’ll probably egg your house so don’t skimp! You’ll thank me when you don’t have to hose rotten eggs off the windows of your house in the morning.

When I think of Halloween I can’t help but think about how much it’s changed. It used to be everyone felt at ease letting their kids roam the neighborhood in saccharine-crazed gangs looking for their next fix, but now parents won’t let their kids out of their sight. It’s a reflection of how hypersensitive our society has become in the face of today’s dangerous world where bad things can lurk behind every corner. Of course even back then it was still every parent’s worst nightmare to have their kid’s face end up on a carton of milk, but it seems time has only compounded the perceived ubiquity of harmful elements in our world.

I could be wrong, that’s just my opinion.