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Friday marks the end of the workweek for a lot of us and it means the end of a long period of light sleep, heavy stress, long hours and short attention spans so it’s not surprising why Friday is the day we all look forward to every Monday and the day we wish it was every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday also serves to help us ease ourselves out of something negative, disagreeable or otherwise unpleasant and into a space of seemingly endless possibilities. We’re not 100% sure what will follow but we anticipate whatever lies ahead with as much glee and wonderment as a child on Christmas Eve.

I like to think that we’ve all grown in the last five days (or several months) and for all the things you leave behind there is much more that you will be taking with you. So here’s a special HAPPY FRIDAY greeting for everyone! Those moving on to enjoy the future and those still making the best of the present.