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🙂 Hey Party People!

Good golly, it sure has been quite a long time hasn’t it? You probably thought it was something you did but I assure you it’s not what you think. I’m not mad at you. As a matter of fact I’m happy to see you, again!

I certainly hope you didn’t miss me, though I can only imagine the depths of misery and solitude some of you must have descended into during my absence.

So apart from the separation anxiety how is everybody? For your sake and my own I hope you all have killer weekend plans. Why not? It’s going to be awesome tomorrow and you better take full advantage of this most beauteous weather!

The master plan is as follows: COOK OUT! Grilling meats with one hand and pouring a beer down my throat with the other all while wearing my vintage apron (the one with the lace fringes). If that doesn’t scream hipster then the definition of hipster is clearly incorrect. The tunes, like the alcohol, will flow and a good time will be had by all, including the pets.

Once the neighborhood is thoroughly saturated with the smell of grease, charcoal and deliciously seared meatness it’s time to cut loose and roll out with the gang to get into trouble in the city. If none of us are in jail by the late evening we’ll hit up a club or two where I’ll throw down my whitest moves in the middle of a dance floor recently vacated by people who don’t care to be anywhere near a guy who reeks of smoke and beef [and alcohol].

The night will end perfectly in the wee hours of the following morning. I have no details on how that will go because, heck, I’ll be too blitzed to do anything.

Have a glorious weekend, people and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!