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So yeah. This is still MMW(asp) and I’m still your dear narrator.  I’m sure I’ve committed numerous nooby errors but as my About page will attest, I’m new to this whole blogging thing.

Reflecting on the whole experience I’d have to say it’s something I wasn’t expecting. Having such a readily available outlet for literary self-expression to a global audience of total strangers is kind of liberating. It goes beyond the whole ‘fear of being accepted’ concept, but that doesn’t hurt, either. I mean, I would never be able to keep anyone interested long enough to listen to me ramble on about whatever nonsense, in person (unless they had a couple of drinks in them).

I can see why people would be drawn to expressing themselves, even socialize with others, via the means of the electron and the Internet.

It’s not just self-expression but also being able to read other people’s blogs could be attractive to other users. Learning the details about other people’s psyche or lives helps satisfy the voyeuristic appetite in an anonymous and relaxed environment.

God, that didn’t sound too creepy, did it??  Let’s back away, slowly, and take another path…

The mechanism of “likes,” “follows” and even comments help stroke the blogger’s ego. If the blogger cares about these things, at all, these metrics would have an impact on the style of the blog. The readers would be molding the blogger into something they find acceptable by either encouraging or discouraging certain behavior. Interesting, but if this happens the blog ceases to be about the blogger and turns into something designed to serve the audience.

I never cared for the number of likes/follows/comments I receive on MMW(asp). Having said that, however, I do appreciate everyone for the likes/follows/comments they have bestowed/left me.  Hell, I appreciate it if you even read a single post.

Thanks, you kind people, you!

So like I was saying, I never sought to become an overnight sensation or popular or whatever word you guys and gals have for blogging celebrities, but I’d be lying if I said that these quantifiable trinkets of acceptance didn’t have some sort of impact.  Maybe it’s just the fact that you can even appreciate the thoughts I put down on virtual paper that gives me a sense of awesome.

So far the hardest part about blogging has been coming up with a nice, original way of closing out every post. I don’t feel the need to be clever or insightful, but I just hate leaving my readers hanging.