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What drives them to be passionate supporters of the products/services they use? I had to think about this for a moment.

I’m one to give people the benefit of the doubt so I’ll say there is a subset of fanboys who champion their preferred platform because it’s legitimately innovative/awesome.  These people are probably not vehement fanboys as they’re comfortable with their decision and don’t feel the need to justify their opinion or defend the object of their praise.  They would just matter-of-factly state blah-blah-blah does this/leverages that/benefits mankind in this way… and welcome a meaningful, constructive debate.

What you may not hear them say is the word “better” and use it as the entire basis for their logic.

These evangelical fanboy-types are not only to the point of kool-aid fanaticism but they probably live in a world of denial or disillusionment.  Maybe it’s me, but every time someone goes off on me with something that sounds like a sales pitch, I get the idea in my head that maybe they’re just trying to justify their decision to themselves more than to me… but they’re in my face because of some casual remark I’ve made so now they’re taking out their pent-up frustration on me.

“Alright, man. You’re going to use that thing until you love it. I gotcha.”

Maybe I’m a fanboy, too, but at least I’m also a reasonable person. If what you have satisfies your needs then there is absolutely no need to go “bigger” or “better”… which are pretty much just marketing terms, anyway.