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Ladies and gentlemen, as I type there is an unspeakable horror being perpetrated by the candy industry at large.

Every single day companies produce chocolate bars like Milky Way, Snickers and Charleston Chews that are packed with ingredients like caramel, peanuts, toffee, almonds and nougat. However, there is a grave fact that has eluded the general public for decades:

Nougat actually comes from an animal.

That’s correct. Nougat, that stuff you thought was a concoction of honey, sugar and nuts is actually of bio-organic origin.  If this is the first time the shocking truth has been revealed to you, you are not alone. The chocolate bar companies spend billions of dollars every year to keep the truth from coming out.  Their efforts result in the fire-bombings, vandalism and destruction of scientific laboratories where state and federal health service agencies like the FDA conduct testing of food products to verify their safety and ensure they are suitable for public consumption.

The origin of nougat, worldwide, is the creature called the Noogit: a small, flightless bird that is only found on a handful of islands in Micronesia.  The average, adult noogit is no larger than a softball, covered with dark brown feathers and has a bright yellow-orange, flat bill.

These creatures are completely harmless, yet they are brutally hunted and captured by the hundreds to feed the global demand for “nougat”.  Local wildlife authorities have been monitoring the noogit for years and, according to their latest report, the noogit population has been on the decline, annually, for the last 4 years. The local government has even sought to make hunting of the noogit illegal but it remains doubtful that such laws will stop multinational companies like Mars from continuing to carry out their operations to capture and kill as many noogits as they can.

Please help stop the mass slaughter of these poor, innocent creatures.  Share the truth with your families, your friends, your readers, anyone willing to listen.  Tell them to join the rest of us in the fight to stop these heartless, greedy companies from wiping another precious creature off the face of the Earth!