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Have I already mentioned that? I truly hope you guys and gals out there in WordPress-Land and the greater WWW are having yourselves an awesome Friday.

Whether or not you have plans this weekend, it’s always nice to forget about work and focus on #1 for a while, right? Everyone needs that downtime where they just unplug from the monotony of their Monday thru Friday lives and decompress.

Sometimes it amazes me. After I get out of work on Friday and really start settling into my weekend I feel like I’m a totally different person. I’m not saying I’m schizophrenic (at least not certifiably), but I reflect on myself and it kind of strikes me like, ‘whoa, what is this life that’s suddenly so interesting, exciting and full of stuff I love?’

Maybe that says something about how deeply I entrench myself at work. To the outside observer I’m probably just a lifeless automaton designed specifically to carry out a series of mundane tasks under the pressure of deadlines, egos and perfection.

Cold. Unsympathetic. Automatic.

However, when Friday rolls around, lo and behold what life begins to stir! So this is for all of you who feel like the last five days have just about sapped all of your vitality and motivation:

… the weekend is nigh. Prepare to Live.