I don’t know how some people can maintain a blog and post content on a daily basis. I know I haven’t been the most timely with updates but believe me it’s not due to a lack of trying. I can barely find the time or inspiration to post something.

Maybe it’s just not my inclination to share everything that goes on in my brain with the faceless masses on the Web or maybe I’m just lazy. Take your pick.

Actually, maybe the problem is that this blog has literally no direction short of being an experiment. Maintaining a blog for the sake of maintaining a blog seems totally counterproductive. The more successful (or at least less stagnant) blogs are focused on a topic or special interest whereas I’m just using this site as a receptacle for infrequent cerebral effusion.

I remember the era of MySpace and LiveJournal but I never got into that sort of thing. Blogs? Who would care to read about the mundane drivel, drama, even the little victories, that happen in my daily life? I thought about the heaps upon heaps of people on these services and I concluded that my ego was just not big enough to warrant it’s own virtual presence.

I don’t remember but, at some point, I must have tried to start my own blog but the actual set-up and getting-everything-just-right process was a lot more interesting to me than posting real content. A typical update to my blog must have been something like

Changed a few colors here and there and made the font-size bigger.

… and then I’d be gone for a week.

I must say, however, that knowing there might be (just maybe) a handful of people out there taking the time to read this motivates me to keep this blog alive… so there’s hope for my ego, yet.